Lolita Handbook (lolita_handbook) wrote,
Lolita Handbook

A Quick Disclaimer

This journal is meant as a way to ease beginners into the fashion and provide resources to more experienced lolitas - it is by no means a rule book. Take only what you want from this and use it to help you develop your own personal style.

  • Updates

    8-2-10 ♥ Updated with a fantastically thorough list of blogs in all languages provided by meiki. ♥ soniabunny will be coming…

  • What is Lolita?

    ♥ What is Lolita?♥ Lolita is a very hard style to define, but in my opinion what really defines it is it's childlike innocence and old-fashioned…

  • The Anatomy of a Lolita Outfit

    Starting from head to toe for the most part. A lot of this advice does not apply to aristo or boystyle though I may add some stuff later, and often…

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