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Where to Buy

Japanese and Asian Brands
Avante Gauche covers everything better than I could have, including which shops ship the the US. For those that don't ship to the US there are several shopping services available. Also just to keep these lists updated:

Local Lolita Brands
Candy Violet
Megan Maude
Sweet Rococo (includes a dress designer for custom dresses)
Blasphemina's Closet
Lily of the Valley
English Charm
Silversark (Etsy)

Second Hand Shopping
EGL community sales
Closet Child
Alice Fururun

Don't forget to check for reviews on second-hand sellers/seamstresses/local brands.

Where to Buy Petticoats
Angelic Pretty
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Innocent World
Victorian Maiden
Anna House

Local Lolita Brands and Seamstresses
Candy Violet
Megan Maude
English Charm

Where to Buy Shoes
Lolita Brands
Angelic Pretty
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Victorian Maiden
Anna House

Closet Child

Other Brands
Double Decker*

Qutieland (Secret Shop)
Montreal Shoes*
Refuse to Be Usual*
Gothic&Lolita Shoes*
Rosechocolat* (~bakacherry)

* indicates that they sell Rockinghorse shoes.

Where to Buy Sweets Jewelry
Anatego's Shop
Sweet Rococo
Strapya World
Sweet Suzette
Lolitas n Cream
Nika N (Commissions)
Coloful Blossom (Commissions)

Guides for Ordering
Cidsa's Guide to BtSSB
Tsu's Guide to Jane Marple
Pui Puni's Guide to Juliette et Justine
Idelia's Guide to Anna House
Cidsa's Guide to Closet Child
Addictive Sugar's Guide to Alice Fururun
Clefdemoname's Guide to Taobao
Frozen YJapan's Guide to Y!Japan Auctions
Seeinglife's Guide to Commissioning


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