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Hair and Makeup


There are so many hairstyles that work with lolita it seems ridiculous to even try and cover the entire gamut. So I'm going to just leave these here as suggestions.

Soft curls work very well for the sweeter and classic styles. Either with straight bangs, sideswept bangs, or no bangs. If you don't have bangs just keep hair accessories a little further back so they're not all over your forehead.
The hime cut very elegant way to wear straight hair, and the sides go well with headdresses and headbands that pull back the back portion of your hair. Excellent for darker styles.
Updos extend beyond just pigtails into braids, buns, twists, retro ponytails, and elaborate rococo hair. These can work for a variety of styles

Hime style tutorials
Another style that's quickly becoming on of the most popular is Hime style (different that the hime cut) from himegyaru girls where the hair is worn teased up in the back for a very dramatic style.
Crazisilverange's tutorial
Her tutorial for medium length hair

Youtube tutorials
Youtube is a great resource for hair and makeup tutorials. To begin, a demonstration of how to get perfect curls with a straightening iron.

I'm just posting the rococo/marie antoinette tutorial here but if you follow this link you can check out her other videos and similar videos for retro styles:

How to make actual 'hair-bows'. You can also buy premade bows with synthetic hair if you have shorter/unruly hair.

But lolita style doesn't absolutely require long, frizz-free haircuts with bangs. Here are just a few glb scans where the models have rock any haircut.



Naturally Curly/Frizzy

Wigs are also a great option for girls who don't want to spend hours on their hair or just want something a little different. A number of colors and style work for lolitas just make sure to purchase a high quality (not costume quality) wig that's not too shiny (dead give away). Heat-resistant wigs are also great for giving you a number of style options. Half-wigs and extensions are also good for a more natural look with just a big more volume or length, respectively. Some of the shops many lolitas love are (you may need a shopping service for many of these):

Cyperous (Top quality)
Prisila (High quality)
Gabalnara (High quality)

Wig Tips

♥ Keep your wig on a stand so it doesn't lose shape/get tangled
♥ Use wig cap to tuck up your hair
♥ Comb lightly, and try not to comb curls with anything other than fingers
♥ Check manufacturer's instructions for washing/drying care but keep your wig clean
♥ If your wig is heat-resistant/styleable (check manufacturer's instructions) use the lowest heat possible

I feel dumb writing this because the extent of my makeup ever is like...minimal eyeliner and chapstick. A freshfaced look lends itself well to the sweeter and more casual styles, but more mature makeup is worn for classic and the darker styles. Miyu_sakura's puts it so much better than I could. So here I'm just going to post links to tutorials:

Paranoia's guide to a natural look

Circle lenses

A current trend for over-the-top sweet lolita is circle lenses for that doll-like, wide-eyed look (as a warning not everyone loves these because they do look a little weird on some people). Just remember to be careful and search reviews before putting anything in your eyes. Image from Circle Lenses 2 U.

Circle Lenses 2 U
Secret Eyes
Eye Candy Lenses
E-circle Lenses
Japanese Candy (Also provides prescription lenses)

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