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Are Good Manners Necessary?
It is much debated whether lolitas should be 'ambassadors' of the fashion and represent the entire community by being polite. There are a lot of people on both sides and while I personally believe in at least some degree of politeness no matter what you're wearing, lolita clothing does not define who you are and you shouldn't change yourself by putting it on.

Additional Manners
This section is really for those who are really into oldfashioned manners. These are by no means a requirement for modern girls but if it's your thing learning the old codes of behavior is actually interesting. The way others around you see you will improve, and hopefully they will behave in a likewise manner toward you. But sadly I'm ill-qualified to discuss manners in depth so I'll try and provide some resources here:

Pierraxryuka's translation of a GLB Manners Guide

The Super-fun Victorian Etiquette Game

An Introduction to Victorian Etiquette
Victorian Etiquette
Gothic Charm School (thanks silentpheonix)
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