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Lolita Lifestyle

Lolita Lifestyle
A lot of people wonder if you have to have to life a lolita lifestyle to be lolita, and the answer is not at all, lolita is a fashion first and foremost. But some lolitas want to lead a more beautiful and elegant life to match their clothes, often drawing upon old-fashioned customs and even children's activities, especially when meeting with other lolitas. If you're not big on being oldfashioned, that's just fine and it doesn't make you any less loli than someone else. But for those who do enjoy doing fanciful things with other lolitas here are some activities you might enjoy. We'll start with the obvious.

Tea Parties
Tea parties are one of the most common but elegant ways to get a group of lolitas together. Tea can be taken either English or Japanese style, or it can be less formal. There are dozens of recipes for good tea party foods which can be found here:
Crazisilverange's recipes
(If you have any recipes you'd like to add just email me and I'll give you full credit)

Like a tea party but a bit more informal. The perfect chance to bring out your country lolita clothing and your parasols for some hopefully ant-free lolita fun. Just get a nice wicker basket and pretty quilt and have everyone bring snacks. Sandwiches and cakes are good picnic foods while still being elegant, and even things like chips are good if set out in a nice bowl rather than a bag.

Enjoying the Arts
This can range from going to see Madame Butterfly to just seeing a movie. Get a group of lolitas together or just dress up by yuorself and go catch a symphony. Just don't wear you lolita finest to a rock concert - chances are it'll get ruined or stained.

Other Group Activities
♥Ballroom dancing
♥Little girl games - hopscotch, jump rope, hide-and-go-seek, and hoola-hooping
♥Going to an amusement park or circus

Lolita Sports
♥Horseback riding (side-saddle of course :P)
♥Old-fashioned bicycling
♥Bocce Ball

Activities That Can Be Done By One or More Lolitas
♥Music - violin and piano are epsecially lolita but any instrument works really
♥Gardening and flower arrangement

Also, the lovely Fatalfille has written up 101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas which you should all check out.

Meet-up Etiquette

Hostess Etiquette
♥ Be as specific as possible when planning (cost, amount of walking, etc.)
♥ Provide directions/maps to the location
♥ Provide appropriate contact info
♥ Arrive early to the event
♥ Try and speak with everyone and learn their names/handles

Newcomer Etiquette
♥ Don't shy away from introducing yourself or joining conversations
♥ Try to find what you have in common with other girls besides just fashion
♥ Don't expect to or feel like you have to love everyone, some people you just may not have anything in common with

Not-so-newcomer Etiquette
♥ Don't clique up, make sure everyone feels included
♥ Introduce yourself to shy newcomers and try for a one-on-one talk rather than throwing them into the group immediately

General Etiquette
♥ RSVP on time, ok any guests
♥ Double check to make sure you know what you need to bring (money, food, etc.)
♥ Bring your phone and try and get numbers of some of the people in attendance
♥ Let someone know if you will be late/absent
♥ Don't critique anyone's outfit without being asked, this isn't an internet forum
♥ Inside voices, seriously

Gift Ideas♥ (Thank you skyewishes

♥ Plush toy *charmmy kitty, hello kitty ect*
♥ Small doll in an Victorian dress
♥ Candle / gel candle, decorated or hand made.
♥ Small shaped soaps or handmade soap.
♥ Small container of perfume : preferably as a solid or those small roll on perfumes, in the scents of flowers.
♥ Lip gloss with a pink to reddish hue - tint. Flavored or scented to match.
♥ Vintage Brooches
♥ A cute ring
♥ A cute bracelet : normal or charm
♥ A cute necklace
♥ A bottle of nailpolish in their favorite lolita-able color
♥ A package of fake nails
♥ A package of fake nail decorations
♥ A little bag of homemade cookies
♥ A Book that is Lolita-ish ; Alice in Wonderland, Emily Post's Etiquette, Lolita, etc.
♥ Manga that is Lolita-ish ; Paradise Kiss, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Doll, Dolls, etc.
♥ A box of assorted teas
♥ A miniature tea set
♥ A small bouquet of fake flowers
♥ A small blank notebook
♥ A small book filled with recipes; cookies, cakes, foods ect to suit the gift receiver
♥ A small decorated mirror to carry in their purse
♥ Hard candy
♥ A handkerchief
♥ Gloves : lace or solid
♥ Hairpin or hair accessory
♥ CD of Lolita-ish music; classical to various Jrock to some new age.
♥ A very feminine photo album
♥ Antique-looking journal, quill pen, and ink.
♥ Elegant stationary? Not just pencils, but paper, envelopes, and maybe a seal.
♥ Oil burner and oils
♥ Bath oils, bath salts, a small bottle of bubble bath
♥ A nice embroidered/laced washcloth/towel
♥ Bundles of lace/ribbon she could use for something.
♥ Old-fashioned ornate mirror, brush, and comb sets
♥ Also if you wanted to get her some little brandname items, you can't go wrong with BTSSB hair accessories like tiny bows or cute socks or even a logo makeup bag to put some of the smaller items in all under $30, and with shipping they should hopefully still be under $45. Meta also has a lot of hair accessories under $30, including Alice bows and surprisingly inexpensive parasols if they're not too big for the gift basket.

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